Cemetery Options

Newer Options

Several years ago, Saint Mary Cemetery was involved in a major expansion project. The previous St. Jude Lawn section was greatly increased in size. The new section offers one grave with right of burial for two. Included in this purchase is: The lot, a crypt for two and the monument foundation. There are a limited number of single depth burial sites available in this section.

Discounted Pricing

The new expanded St. Jude Lawn section has a discount program available, which saves $100 off of the current price of $2700 on the double crypt burial .

Interest Free Option

All pre-need interment spaces at Saint Mary Cemetery may be purchased with a 10% deposit and balance due in twelve monthly equal payments. Please contact our office for more details.

Current Options


Saint Mary Cemetery offers traditional single depth lots with monumented rights, and single depth lots limited to flat marker monuments.

Garden Mausoleum Crypts

Saint Mary Cemetery offers above ground Entombment options in our 320 Crypt Garden of Peace Mausoleum. We offer Single crypt for one and tandem crypts for two, which includes inscriptions in the purchase price.

Garden Lawn Crypts

This section incorporates the use of one gravesite with the right of burial for two. Choosing this option allows family members the opportunity to purchase a burial lot for two at today’s prices.

Cremation Options

Saint Mary Cemetery offers several options for those who choose cremation. We have a wonderful Garden Of Peace Columbarium, which accommodates 112 urns. These Niches can accommodate 2 – 3 Urns each and include inscriptions in the purchase price.

Saint Mary Cemetery also offers in-ground cremation lots with rights for either monuments or flat memorials. In-ground cremation burial is also an option in existing family lots, provided rights are established.